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This charming city in the Florida Panhandle combines old Florida charm with every day conveniences making for a great place to live.

Milton and the Blackwater River

Milton, Florida is the county seat in Santa Rosa County. The city is located about 24 miles northeast of Pensacola and was established as a town in 1884 - a year prior to Florida joining the United States as the 27th state. Naval Air Station Whiting Field is located in Milton - part of a large military presence throughout the greater Pensacola area. 

Milton is set against the Blackwater River, considered one of the purest and pristine sand bottom rivers in the world. Wildlife spotted around the river include otters, white tailed deer, turkeys and bobcats. The Blackwater River is unmodified by dams and resevoirs allowing visitors to canoe, kayak, fish and swim in its waters. The cooler temperatures keep alligators away.

Old Florida

Milton has an old Florida charm despite the presence of current day shopping and everyday needs. Residents enjoy in town restaurants, grocery stores and such. Bigger box stores like Home Depot are just six short miles away in Pace and the city of Pensacola is just a short 24 miles away. Anything needed is within reach. Yet there's an unmistakable reminder of Old Florida here. Perhaps it is quaint older buildings in the historic downtown and the presence of Magnolia trees, pines and oaks set against the Blackwater River. Certainly, the Old Brick Road, a six mile long, nine foot wide broak road built in 1919 captures one's imagination. The brick pathway winds quietly beside the paved highway, begging travelers to slow down and remember days gone by.

Yellow River Ranch

The new home community of Yellow River Ranch in Milton fits neatly into the local landscape. Encompassing 1,421 acres, the community is a delicate balance of homes, roads, pastures and trees. In fact, the majority of the land is free from homesites. There are 569 acres reserved for recreational open space and 480 acres left untouched and natural. Only 372 acres will be occupied by homes and related amenities. The community is pedestrian friendly has a network of sidewalks and trails perfect for walking, jogging and biking. 

The community is named after the Yellow River, a 92-mile long river which flows southwesterly toward the Blackwater Bay. The river has a sandy bottom, white beaches and a large sandbar.

Holiday Builders Homes In Yellow River Ranch

Holiday Builders offers six floorplans in Yellow River Ranch ranging from 1,427 sf to 2,122 sf. The floorplans offer 3 to 4 bedrooms and 2 baths plus a two-car garage. Visit our design center within our model center located at 4172 Lazy Breeze Lane. Holiday Builders offers homeowners the opportunity to personalize their new home with design options like flooring, cabinets and countertops. Our New Home Consultants work with each customer in the selection of homesites, floorplans and design options.

Yellow River Ranch is in the infancy stages at the time of this writing, May of 2021. One of the pools is nearly finished, the community mailboxes are already installed. There are several homes winding throughout the first phase of development and families are enjoying the open spaces and lush greenery which abounds. 

For more information on Yellow River Ranch, visit our model center or call 866-222-3790.