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The ultimate guide to watching the Superbowl from the comfort of your Holiday Builder's home.

Superbowl LV Held In Florida

Raymond James Stadium in Tampa is hosting Superbowl LV featuring home team Tampa Bay Buccaneers, National Football Conference champions against the Kansas City Chiefs, American Football Conference champions. The game is scheduled for Sunday, February 7th at 6:30 pm Eastern Time and will be broadcast on CBS. 

This is the third time the Superbowl will be held at Raymond James Stadium. The stadium has 65,890 seats but this year only 25,000 will be filled, 7,500 by healthcare workers. The scaled back attendance is due to Covid19. But with only 14,500 tickets available to purchase at about $40,000 a ticket, most of us would be watching from home or a neighborhood watering hole anyway. With that in mind, we've put together some resources to help you maximize your home viewing experience.

TV's and Recipes

While Winter storms ravage a good part of the country, Floridians are basking in sunshine and enduring chillier than usual February temperatures. The forecast for Sunday's Superbowl is a high of 74 and a low of 57 with a 20% chance of rain in the evening. That's great sweatshirt weather if you decide to watch the game on a television on your back porch. 

What are the best TV's for watching sports? The experts recommend one that stays keeps up with the action without blurring. Top brands include LG and Samsung at a minimum of a 55" screen. The writers at Rolling Stone offer their recommendations here. Holiday Builders open floorplans make great spaces for watching the game. Your family and friends can gather in your living room while your designated chef looks on from the kitchen. Generous kitchen islands double as workspaces and serving platforms to make gathering convenient.

Superbowl parties are much more than cheering on your favorite team. They're all about the food. French Dip sliders, chicken wings, and Frito Pie are just a few of the 75+ Super Bown Party recipes we found on Delish. This article features mouth watering photos along with the recipes. Do you like popcorn? Follow this link for some great variations on this favorite family snack.

Commercials and Halftime

Besides all the action of the game itself, the Superbowl is known for great halftime entertainment and the commercials. This year Canadian artist The Weeknd will perform. Since his debut in 2010, the rhythm and blues singer/songwriter has earned three Grammy Awards, eight Billboard Awards and an Academy Award nomination.

As for the commercials, expect to see ads from Tide, Uber Eats featuring the return of Waynes World, Bud Light and Frito-Lay. We found a compilation of teasers of every ad here if you'd like to get a sneak peek.

Holiday Builders Homes

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Holiday Builders homes are the perfect home for enjoying the Superbowl and every day life. Find us throughout Florida and in Coastal Alabama.