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Benefits of a Warm Climate

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, especially for those living in regions of the country ripe with fall colors. But as the leaves turn brown and the skies turn gray, it is clear that winter is on the way. Each season has its charm. But the health benefits of living in a warmer climate are tough to deny. Here are just a few ways climate affects our bodies and our minds.


Exposure to sunlight increases the Vitamin D levels in your body. Besides producing higher energy levels, Vitamin D helps to prevent cancer and keeps your bones healthy and strong.
Stay cool in Port Charlotte by jumping in or on the water.

Happy Heart and Lungs

A body working hard to regulate heat may cause blood pressure to increase to unhealthy levels causing long-term damage. Cold weather puts a strain on your heart and respiratory system.

Warmer and Smarter

According to the research, our alertness and mental performance are optimal when our body temperature is high. Additionally, being warm not only makes you more alert, it improves your memory.

Being Active

Most of us aren’t inclined to jump out on a cold, wet day for a walk or a run. It is far more appealing to go outside for fresh air and physical activity when it is warm outside. Golf, tennis, or pickleball are year-round activities in warmer climates.

Decrease Anxiety and Stress

Warmer climates promote health and well-being. There are more opportunities to be outside. Being outside and in nature helps decrease anxiety and reduce stress.

Man viewing the beach from the shore.

Holiday Builders builds and sells new construction homes in Florida and Coastal Alabama. Choose a home in or near a coastal town and have access to beaches. Take advantage of warm breezes and salt water. Or, find a home in an inland location, close to urban areas like Orlando with access to fine dining and theme parks. Wherever you land in the Holiday Builders’ footprint, you’ll have beautiful weather all year long. And that’s good for you!




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