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City park in the heart of Foley, Alabama.

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Discover the enchanting allure of Foley, Alabama, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Baldwin County. Located just 10 miles south of Foley, Gulf State Park beckons with its captivating landscapes spanning over 6,500 acres. Immerse yourself in a natural haven boasting magnificent beaches, meandering streams, fragrant pine forests, and serene freshwater lakes, inviting you to embark on unforgettable adventures.

From kayaking along the tranquil waters of Lake Shelby to basking in the sun on pristine sandy shores, Foley offers a myriad of outdoor activities to suit every inclination. Wander along verdant nature trails, allowing the enchanting surroundings to rejuvenate your spirit. Orange Beach, renowned as one of the world’s top 50 beaches, this mesmerizing stretch of shoreline on the Gulf of Mexico is adorned with elegant hotels, inviting piers, and waterfront dining options.

Immerse yourself in the fragrant beauty of Foley by following the picturesque Antique Rose Trail. This charming trail meanders through Downtown Foley, stretching from Heritage Park to Berry Street, showcasing an array of heritage rose displays in all their vibrant colors and sizes. Lose yourself in the timeless elegance and captivating aromas that adorn this delightful trail.

Uncover endless possibilities for excitement and entertainment at The Park at OWA, an expansive retail, entertainment, and dining complex sprawled along the shores of a serene 14-acre lake. Alabama’s newest and largest complex of its kind, The Park at OWA boasts a thrilling amusement park featuring 21 rides.

In Foley, Alabama, you will discover a world of natural beauty, thrilling adventures, and captivating experiences. Embrace the charm and warmth of this vibrant community, where a life of blissful coastal living awaits you.

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Welcome to Freeport, Florida, where your dream home awaits in a charming town that offers the best of both vacation and hometown living! Experience the abundance of outdoor activities, indulge in shopping at unique boutiques and galleries, and savor the flavors of delicious cuisine at a variety of restaurants. With its year-round sunshine and mild temperatures, Freeport provides the perfect backdrop for relaxation and endless adventures. Embrace the vibrant atmosphere that combines the charm of a beach city with the welcoming spirit of a military town. Not to mention, Freeport offers an attractive low cost of living and a strong sense of community, making it the ideal place to call home.

Strategically located at the crossroads between North and South Walton Counties, Freeport offers a convenient commute to Eglin Air Force Base, which borders the city limits. Additionally, its proximity to major urban centers such as Tallahassee, Pensacola, Montgomery, Ft. Walton Beach, and Panama City ensures easy access to a host of amenities. For those who love to travel, Freeport is within an hour’s drive from multiple airports, including the Northwest Florida Regional Airport, NWFL Beaches International Regional Airport, Destin Municipal Airport, and DeFuniak Springs Municipal Airport.

Freeport is a growing town near some of Florida’s most beautiful beaches, just a short 30-minute drive away from the pristine shores and world-class golf courses of South Walton. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Gulf Coast, with its emerald green waters, sugar-white sandy beaches, and endless opportunities for swimming, paddleboarding, fishing, and leisurely walks.

Discover the unique allure of Freeport, Florida, where nature, culture, and community converge to create an extraordinary living experience. Find your dream home in this welcoming town and embrace a lifestyle filled with endless opportunities for exploration and enjoyment. From the stunning beaches of South Walton to the charming coastal dune lakes and state parks, Freeport offers a wealth of natural wonders to discover. Take advantage of the nearby Choctawhatchee River Water Management Area, spanning over 57,000 acres and offering exceptional recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, paddling, hiking, and wildlife viewing. Holmes Creek, a picturesque spring-fed tributary of the Choctawhatchee River, is a haven for fishing enthusiasts and canoeing enthusiasts alike, allowing you to immerse yourself in miles of pristine wilderness.

Come and experience the beauty, serenity, and endless opportunities that Freeport, Florida has to offer. Your new home awaits in this remarkable town where coastal living meets community spirit.

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Gulf Breeze

Discover the allure of Gulf Breeze, a beach city with a small-town feel nestled on the western tip of the Florida Panhandle. Located in Santa Rosa County, Gulf Breeze offers a serene coastal lifestyle, bordered by Pensacola Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. This vibrant suburb of Pensacola is renowned for its beautiful beaches, snorkeling, the Gulf Islands National Seashore, and the Gulf Breeze Zoo. With its idyllic location on the Fairpoint Peninsula, Gulf Breeze provides residents with easy access to the Gulf of Mexico, Escambia Bay, and Pensacola Bay, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, anglers, and boaters.

Explore the wonders of the Gulf Islands National Seashore, stretching from Florida to Mississippi, and discover one of the Gulf Coast’s premier natural attractions. Immerse yourself in the pristine beaches, characterized by undeveloped, sugary white sand and warm, shallow waters that seem to stretch endlessly. Engage in a variety of outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, boating, and biking. Embark on guided tours of the area’s coastal forts, wildlife sanctuaries, and captivating islands, accessible only by boat. The Gulf Islands National Seashore provides a wealth of recreational opportunities and preserves cultural and historic sites for visitors to explore.

For wildlife enthusiasts, the Gulf Breeze Zoo is a must-visit local attraction. Home to an array of animal residents from around the world, the zoo offers an unforgettable experience. The Gulf Breeze Zoo provides an enriching and educational experience for all ages and allows children to get up close to some of the friendly animals.

Immerse yourself in history at Fort Pickens National Park, a beloved destination within the Gulf Islands National Seashore. This historic fort is open daily and offers a range of activities for visitors. Camp amidst the natural beauty, enjoy fishing, kayaking, and biking, and immerse yourself in the rich history of the area. Fort Pickens is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Indulge in the charm of the Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier, stretching nearly 1,500 feet into the Gulf of Mexico. This impressive pier is the largest of its kind on the western coast of Florida. Join the surf fishers who visit the pier year-round to test their skills against the Gulf’s abundant game fish. Enjoy breathtaking views, spot marine animals, and savor the iconic Florida sunsets.

For nature lovers, the Brackenridge Nature Trail awaits within the Gulf Islands National Seashore. Open daily, this scenic trail showcases the Naval Live Oaks Preserve, established centuries ago to protect oak trees crucial for naval vessel construction. Today, the trail attracts exercisers, outdoor enthusiasts, and history buffs who appreciate the natural beauty and rich heritage.

If you rather than shop than fish, experience the Gulf Breeze Flea Market, a bustling hub of activity on Saturdays and Sundays. Spread over 40 acres, this vibrant market offers a wide range of new and used items, including tools, books, jewelry, and vintage clothing. Take your time exploring the market and uncover hidden treasures while enjoying a unique shopping experience.

Discover Gulf Breeze, where natural beauty, outdoor adventures, and coastal charm converge. With the Gulf Islands National Seashore as your playground, you’ll have endless opportunities to immerse yourself in outdoor recreation, delve into history, and create cherished memories. With all of these activities surrounded by an abundance of nature and beautiful beaches, locals love to call this area home. Embrace the coastal lifestyle and find your perfect home in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

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City park in Historic Downtown Milton along the Blackwater River.

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Welcome to Milton, FL, a charming and historic town that exudes timeless beauty. Nestled in Santa Rosa County, just 24 miles northeast of Pensacola, Milton holds the distinction of being the county seat. Established in the early 1800s and officially recognized as a town in 1884, Milton has a rich history, predating Florida’s statehood as the 27th state of the United States. Adding to its allure, Milton is home to the esteemed Naval Air Station Whiting Field, a military base that contributes to the town’s vibrant community.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting Milton Riverwalk, a picturesque boardwalk adorned with a charming gazebo that graces the scenic Blackwater River. Located in the heart of the historic downtown area, this idyllic spot serves as a popular venue for community events and weddings. In Milton, outdoor enthusiasts will find a haven for their favorite pursuits, including hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding, and boating. The town’s tranquil ambiance creates the perfect backdrop for these activities, fostering a sense of peace and serenity.

As you explore the town, you may come across the legendary “Old Brick Road.” This six-mile-long, nine-foot-wide brick road, constructed in 1919, weaves its way through Milton, coexisting harmoniously with the modern paved roads. It stands as a testament to the town’s rich heritage and provides a unique glimpse into its past.

While Milton offers a peaceful retreat, it also benefits from its proximity to the stunning coastal towns of Fort Walton Beach, Destin, and Panama City. These nearby destinations are perfect for day trips, allowing residents to soak in the beauty of Florida’s magnificent beaches, which can be reached in less than an hour by car. Whether you seek sun-soaked sands, thrilling water sports, or simply a day of relaxation by the sea, these coastal gems offer a wealth of opportunities.

Nature enthusiasts will delight in the abundance of lakes and open spaces that surround Milton. The central Florida region is a paradise for outdoor lovers, offering a myriad of activities such as golfing, biking, hiking, and the increasingly popular sport of kayaking. Coldwater Creek, meandering through untouched natural terrain for nearly 20 miles, captivates with its clear and cool waters year-round. Exploring this pristine creek is a tranquil and refreshing experience.

For those yearning for coastal wonders, Gulf Islands National Seashore presents a breathtaking stretch of over 150 miles from Florida to Alabama and Mississippi. This natural treasure lies just minutes away from Milton, with convenient access points along Gulf Breeze Parkway in Gulf Breeze. Here, you can indulge in swimming, sunbathing, fishing, snorkeling, and shell collecting, immersing yourself in the unparalleled beauty of the Gulf region.

Milton, FL, offers a captivating blend of history, natural beauty, and coastal splendor. Embrace the charm and tranquility of this vibrant town, where outdoor adventures and coastal delights await at every turn.

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Navarre Beach is the closest beach to Navarre.

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Welcome to Navarre, Florida, a hidden gem located in Santa Rosa County. If you’re searching for a new home in this coastal paradise, you’ve come to the right place. Navarre offers a unique blend of natural beauty, beachside charm, and a vibrant community.

Nestled between the Gulf Islands National Seashore and Navarre Beach Marine Park, Navarre boasts 12 miles of pristine white shoreline. Its beaches are consistently ranked among the best in the nation, offering residents and visitors a slice of paradise. The moment you cross Navarre Bridge, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a world of tranquility and natural splendor.

Navarre’s main attraction is relaxation. Whether you prefer sunbathing on the beach, swimming in the emerald waters, or enjoying a leisurely picnic in the park, Navarre has it all. Unlike other bustling Florida beaches, Navarre maintains a sense of solitude, making it a local secret worth discovering.

In addition to its tranquil setting, Navarre offers a variety of attractions and activities. Explore the 1,500-plus foot pier on Navarre Beach, known as an angler’s paradise and a perfect spot to enjoy breathtaking sunset views. For those interested in marine conservation, the Navarre Sea Turtle Conservation Center provides educational tours that showcase the rehabilitation efforts for endangered sea turtles.

Water enthusiasts will find joy in the Navarre Beach Marine Sanctuary, an artificial reef teeming with marine life. Snorkelers will discover a world of underwater wonders, thanks to the eco-friendly discs that promote diverse ecosystems. Keep an eye out for the PVC pipes marking the sanctuary’s location. For those seeking educational experiences, the Navarre Beach Marine Science Center offers interactive exhibits, demonstrations, and activities that showcase the unique marine life of Florida.

Navarre is also known for its dolphin encounters. Year-round, you have a good chance of spotting and interacting with these majestic creatures. For an even greater chance of witnessing dolphins in their natural habitat, plan your visit during the summer mating season.

When it comes to satisfying your taste buds, head to Ye Olde Brothers Brewery, located just a short drive north of Navarre Beach Pier. This cozy brewpub is renowned for its craft beer selection, brick-oven pizzas, and mouthwatering smoked entrées.

Navarre provides the perfect balance of beachside tranquility, outdoor adventures, and a close-knit community. With Gulf Islands National Seashore within reach, Silver Sands Premium Outlets for shopping, and an array of restaurants to satisfy any craving, Navarre offers an exceptional lifestyle for those seeking a new place to call home. Discover your slice of Florida paradise and live the Holiday style in Navarre.

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Welcome to Pace, Florida, a charming city located in Santa Rosa County, nestled in the beautiful Florida Panhandle. Situated just north of Escambia Bay and a short 15-mile drive northeast of downtown Pensacola, Pace offers an exceptional quality of life with excellent public schools, top-notch medical facilities, and picturesque parks. This thriving community attracts many military families from nearby NAS Whiting Field and NAS Pensacola, creating a diverse and vibrant atmosphere.

Pace has experienced significant growth in recent years, transforming from a rural community into a thriving bedroom community of Pensacola. Its excellent public schools, robust recreation associations, ample public parks, and strong law enforcement agencies contribute to the city’s reputation as the fastest-growing community in Northwest Florida. The population of Pace has skyrocketed, increasing from 5,000 in 2010 to over 53,000 residents today.

The city’s strategic location allows for easy access to nearby Milton, the Santa Rosa County seat, and Pensacola, with many residents commuting between these vibrant areas for work. Pace offers a plethora of local job opportunities, with major companies like Wal-Mart Supercenter, Home Depot, Office Depot, Publix, Lowes, Sears, Target, Panera Bread, and many others contributing to the local economy.

Nature lovers will delight in Pace’s proximity to multiple trails, perfect for biking or jogging. Additionally, the nearby Blackwater River State Forest offers stunning natural vistas, providing an escape into the great outdoors. After a day of exploration, you can indulge in the local shops and eateries, where you’ll find unique items and delicious cuisine, making every dining experience memorable.

For golf enthusiasts, Pace is home to the renowned Stonebrook Golf Course. This semi-private 18-hole course, established in 1989, offers an enjoyable experience for golfers of all skill levels, with multiple tee options to accommodate different abilities.

Pace takes pride in its strong connection to the military, as it hosts many military personnel and civilian employees from NAS Whiting Field and NAS Pensacola. The Pensacola-Milton area is widely recognized as the “Cradle of Naval Aviation,” further enhancing the city’s rich heritage.

When it comes to education, Santa Rosa County School System, located in Pace, has consistently been ranked as the number one school district in the State of Florida since 2010. This commitment to excellence has earned the district the coveted title of “Best in State” on FCAT testing, ensuring that students receive a top-notch education.

With its ideal location near Northwest Florida’s top attractions, exceptional schools, military facilities, and healthcare centers, Pace offers a serene and relaxed lifestyle without sacrificing access to the amenities of a larger city. Discover the charm and allure of Pace when considering where to buy your new home, where a slower pace of life meets the best of what the big city has to offer.

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Welcome to Pensacola, Florida, a city with a captivating history and an array of attractions that make it an ideal place to call home. Known as “The City of Five Flags,” Pensacola has a unique cultural tapestry.

Pensacola is renowned for its stunning white sugar sand beaches and emerald waters, consistently ranked among the best in the country by TripAdvisor, the Travel Channel, and USA Today. Outdoor enthusiasts will find ample opportunities for recreation, with lagoons, bayous, and natural seashores just minutes away from their new home.

The city proudly embraces its patriotic spirit as the home of the Blue Angels, the U.S. Navy’s Flight Demonstration Squadron. Residents and visitors alike have the privilege of witnessing their breathtaking performances year-round. From March through November, the Blue Angels captivate the skies with their F/A-18 Super Hornets, showcasing incredible maneuvers over the city and water. Don’t miss the exhilarating Pensacola Beach Airshow in July and the Blue Angels Homecoming Airshow in November, which mark the highlight of the formal season.

Pensacola’s revitalized historic downtown area offers a delightful culinary scene. Whether you’re in the mood for food trucks, pub fare, or fine dining, downtown restaurants cater to every palate. Discover a wide range of flavors and savor every bite as you explore the heart and palate of Pensacola.

Downtown Pensacola is not just a destination for food enthusiasts; it’s also a shopping haven. The area boasts two dozen historic buildings, filled with chic stores that exude a relaxed Southern style. Take a leisurely stroll along the colorful Crepe Myrtle-lined streets and explore the eclectic mix of gourmet treats, trendy clothing, handcrafted jewelry, fine art, and unique home furnishings. Palafox Street, the main street downtown, has even earned the prestigious title of “10 Great Streets in America,” showcasing the vibrant shopping atmosphere that awaits you.

Historic Pensacola Village offers a unique glimpse into the region’s past, with its collection of historic homes, a church, and a multicultural center. Guided tours by staff dressed in period attire provide an immersive experience. Another iconic landmark, the Pensacola Lighthouse, has stood as a maritime beacon since 1859. Climb to the top for panoramic views and immerse yourself in the area’s rich maritime history.

Sports fans will delight in catching a Pensacola Blue Wahoos baseball game. As a Double A team for the Cincinnati Reds, the Blue Wahoos offer competitive play in a family-friendly atmosphere at their stadium on West Cedar Street.

Pensacola Beach offers a relaxing alternative to the bustling tourist destinations in Florida. Its calm and warm Gulf of Mexico waters, coupled with stunning views and a laid-back atmosphere, make it an ideal family-friendly destination. Enjoy a stroll along the boardwalk, explore shops and galleries, and savor delicious meals at nearby eateries

With its rich history, stunning beaches, cultural attractions, and thriving downtown scene, Pensacola offers an enticing blend of experiences that make it an exceptional place to live. Embrace the charm, warmth, and Southern hospitality of Pensacola as you embark on a new chapter in this captivating city.

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