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Christmas Tree 101 – Your Home Guide

Welcome to Christmas Tree 101. These are the basic rules for obtaining and maintaining a Christmas Tree for your home. When you’re selecting a “live” tree, be sure to feel the tree branches. Run your hands along a branch of needles. They should not come off in your hand. They should feel healthy and strong, soft even. Once you’ve found the perfect tree, do not chop away at a tree trunk to make it fit your Christmas tree stand. You can damage the water intake for your tree. Instead, find a tree stand large enough for your tree. You want a stand that allows the trunk of your tree to stand in a base or pool of water.

Water your live Christmas tree every day. You can’t really overwater a Christmas Tree. It will drink, drink, drink – unless of course you’re too late in watering and your tree has dried and is no longer accepting water. If you’re running heat in your home, the water supply for your tree will dry up faster. Placing your tree in a sunny window could have a similar effect. So monitor the water regularly.

Christmas tree lights are a big part of decorating a tree. But be cognizant of the condition of the string of lights and aware of any fraying. Don’t plug more than three strands of lights into an extension cord. Watch where you’re running extension chords. Don’t keep lights on 24/7. The lights get hot and if you have a tree with dry needles, there is potential for a spark. Never leave your home with a lit tree unattended. To that end, be wary of your tree placement. Don’t make it too near a heat source like a fireplace, space heater, heater vent, radiator, or any other heat source.

Artificial trees are typically less flammable than a live tree, but take similar safety precautions when you set up an artificial tree. Keep it away from heat sources, and never leave it turned on and unattended. Just don’t leave the house with the lights sparkling behind you. Turn them off.

When the holiday is over, undecorate and remove your tree from your home. Many municipalities and counties offer a tree pick-up service. They’ll use your tree to make mulch. Burning your Christmas tree is not recommended – it is dangerous because of the flammable sap produced by spruces, firs, and pines. Fires get hot – Christmas tree branches are like torches so don’t do it. Instead, check to see what local agencies recommend. Take advantage of local services. Lastly, when you’re shopping for a new home in Florida or Coastal Alabama, check, 40 years and counting, making new home dreams come true.




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