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Home Air-Conditioner Maintenance

Summer officially begins later this month on June 20th, but in Florida it already feels like summer. Repeated steamy days mean Floridians air condition their homes most of the year. In the summertime, air-conditioning is just about mandatory. A brand new air conditioner is a great benefit of a new construction home. Homeowners can help to maintain their air conditioners by taking a few basic steps.

Man with air conditioner filter.

  1. Change the air filter.
    Air filters come in all shapes and sizes and are readiliy available – they’re even in the grocery store. You can purchase inexpensive filters that need to be changed monthly, Or, purchase a pleated filter that lasts 3 months and does a better job at trapping pet hair and allergins. Changing the air filter as directed is important for good air quality in your home. But it also serves to keep the coils in your unit free of debris. That debris isn’t just gross, it causes wear. Holiday Builders’ Warranty Manager Doug Reidel provides step by step maintenance tips in our home maintenance video series. Click the photo below to go to Part One of Air conditioner maintenance
    .Man offering maintenance tips for air conditioners
  2. Keep condensation lines clear
    There is a PVC pipe with a removable cap next to your interior air handler. Add a cup of white household vinegar to the interior line every month. Vinegar helps to prevent mold growth. See the photo of Doug Reidel, Warranty Manager holding his vinegar. Simply remove the loose cap and pour the vinegar into the pipe.Man standing next to outdoor air conditioning unit.

There should always be an active drip by your outside condensation line. You’ll find this condensation line/pipe immediately adjacent to your outside unit. If it isn’t dripping it may be clogged. Use a shop vac to extract any blockage. A clogged condensation pipe can create havoc on your system. If you encounter a situation where your air conditioner just stops working, check that pipe. Click the photo below to see Part Two of Air conditioner maintenance. Doug shows you exactly what to do.

As Doug says in our video series, “Keeping your home as good as new begins with you.” Your air conditioner should last for years with proper maintenance. You want to get as much mileage as you can derive – replacing an air conditioning unit is expensive. Visit the Holiday Builders YouTube channel for additional home maintenance videos. Visit for downloadable floorplans, pricing and community information.

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