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Kitchen of a new construction home by Holiday Builders

Love New Construction Homes

As the month of love continues, we turn our hearts to new construction homes. What is so endearing about a new home versus a “resale” or used home? There are several characteristics that make our hearts go pitter patter.


The first is easy. A brand-new home is shiny and new. There are no fingerprints on walls or doors. There is no mold in the bathroom, no remnants of others in worn carpeting and no grime in an old oven. A new-construction home is clean and polished.


Looking beyond appearances, new homes are tightly sealed. New doors and windows keep air-conditioned air inside, and unwanted moisture out.
New Construction Home - model home Holiday Builders

Building Codes, Materials, Style

New homes are built using modern materials in accordance with stringent building codes. All electrical wiring and plumbing are new. The HVAC system (Heating and Cooling) is new. The roof is new. The appliances are energy-star rated ensuring energy-efficiency. New homes are a marvel of engineering – not just in terms of systems, but even the floorplan.

Homeowners Insurance

New construction homes cost less to insure. This may be one of the best surprises of all. It makes sense. The insurance company has less risk because new construction is strong and tight. There are no concerns of a failing roof, or older plumbing systems that may leak and cause damage resulting in the insurance company paying out funds.

Owners Suite of a New Construction Home by Holiday Builders

New Home Warranty

If lower insurance rates made your heart skip a beat, wait until you put your arms around a new home warranty. If something does fail on your new home, Holiday Builders covers your home from floor to ceiling, roof to foundation and all of the appliances and systems in between. It’s kind of like unconditional love.

Less Stress, More Money

It’s clear to see, new construction homes have a compelling value that positively impacts the daily lives of homeowners. Homeowners have less worries, and therefore less stress. Plus, homeowners pay less in utility costs because of energy efficiency.

With a new construction home, it’s just hard to wipe that silly smile off your face. And that’s why we love new construction homes.

Note: The photos in this blog post are from our newest model home located at 1940 Sunrise Drive, Navarre, Florida, 32566.

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