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Shopping for real estate is an eye-opening experience. Visit several “resale” or “used” homes with a real estate agent, then go into a new model home. You’re likely to see a vast difference. New Construction homes are just that – NEW. Think of it as getting into a new car vs the one you’re trading in. For one thing, you have that distinct new car smell. But beyond that, there are no coffee stains on the seats or floormats. In a new home, every single item is new. There aren’t any forever stains in the oven, no mold on grout in the shower, no stained carpets, no unknown allergins in the HVAC, no dinged walls. A new home provides the homeowner with a fresh, clean start.


Today’s new construction homes offer energy-star rated appliances, quieter more efficient HVAC units, and tightly sealed doors and windows. It costs less to run appliances and the air-conditioning because newer units don’t have to work as hard. All the cool air you’re generating stays inside the home instead of leaking out through older openings.


Today’s families don’t operate the same way families did forty or fifty years ago. In fact, we’ve seen changes in the last ten years that have impacted the way we use our home space. Newer floorplans are responsive to these changes. Today’s homeowners prefer open gathering spaces with kitchens that spill into living areas. Today’s floorplans offer connectivity. Plus, with more people working from home, today’s plans offer flex spaces allowing homeowners to maximize space.


New homes comes with all kinds of big ticket items that will last a long time before needing replacement. From the HVAC system to the roof to the plumbing and electric, new systems offer peace of mind. Depending on the age of a resale home, repair or replacement of big tickets items is going to come sooner than later. New construction alleviates maintenance woes and allows the homeowner to do preventative maintenance to keep everything in good working order.


Buying new construction generally means an accompanying warranty. In fact, Holiday Builders offers two years of home warranty on all Cornerstone collection homes, and a one-year warranty on HB Value and Inspire collection homes. That means that your new home is covered floor to ceiling. Plus, new homes come with a Structural Warranty. Resale homes sometimes come with an appliance package that offers a short-term warranty but only if that is offered by the seller.


New Construction homes may be personalized to suit the buyer’s individual tastes. Holiday Builders’ Cornerstone collection of homes include the option of selecting design options including cabinetry, countertops and flooring. These give the homeowner the ability to select color and finish choices such as white cabinets, or blue or gray, or a flooring with a deep mahogany finish or a light colored tile. These design options are similar to what is available to a custom home buyer.

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