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5 Reasons to Buy a Home Before the End of the Year

Our December calendars fill up fast – especially for busy families. There are work, school, and social obligations in celebration of the holiday season. So why would anyone want to add “buying a house” to the mix? Experts say there are some good reasons to purchase a home before the year’s end.

  1. Forget the old “20 percent down” rule. There are many down-payment assistance programs including Florida’s Hometown Hero program which now extends to more than just teachers, firefighters or healthcare workers. Everyone is eligible if they meet the state’s qualifications. Be sure to ask your New Home Consultant.
  2. It’s still a sellers’ market. That means there are fewer sellers than buyers and generally speaking, that means home prices will continue to rise.
  3. Homebuilder incentives. Homebuilders likely have inventory on the books they’d like to close out before the end of the year. This could mean savings for buyers. Holiday Builders is offering closing cost assistance of up to $10K in some locations. Be sure to ask your New Home Consultant about current promotions and incentives.
  4. Save on moving costs. There is less demand for hiring movers this time of year so you should be able to find packing and moving assistance at a reasonable rate.
  5. Celebrate the holidays in your new home. Celebrate the joy of home ownership.

New homeowners may find tax savings as well by purchasing a new home before the end of the year. Be sure to speak with your tax advisor about potential deductions. Ultimately, the right time to purchase a house is an individual decision. It’s a matter of having the funds and finding the right home, at the right time. Holiday Builders builds new single-family homes throughout Florida and Coastal Alabama. Find your new home by visiting

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