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Nine Great Reasons to Buy a New Construction Home

Purchasing a home is one of the largest financial decisions most families make. Therefore, it requires a considerable amount of thought. After all, most of us don’t move often. Recent statistics show that most American residents live in their homes for less than 15 years. Forty-seven percent of homeowners live in their homes between six and ten years, and 35% of people stay in one home for ten to 15 years. Homebuyers often follow the common route of working with a real estate agent to find a used home. However, used homes bring vulnerability to buyers. Appliances are older, and generally speaking, the buyer is responsible if anything goes wrong in the home. New construction homes offer many valuable benefits for homebuyers. Here are nine, great reasons, to buy a new construction home.

A new construction home with new appliances.

  1. No bidding wars. Homebuyers never have to worry if the offer they made on a home was accepted or not, or worry about losing out to a higher bidder on a resale home. With new construction homes, the price is the price.
  2. Builder incentives. Homebuilders want you to buy new so they offer homebuyers financial incentives. Holiday Builders works with lending partners Coastal Loans. Incentives include cash to pay down closing costs or to buy down interest rates. Plus, Holiday Builders offers low, fixed-rate financing for qualified buyers on select homes.
  3. Energy costs are lower in a new home. That’s because all doors and windows are new and tightly sealed. Appliances are new and energy-star rated. Air-conditioning systems are new and efficient.
  4. Insurance costs are lower in a new construction home. Insurance companies bank on the fact that less is likely to fail in a new home, therefore insurance costs are lower.
  5. New homes come with a builder warranty. Consequently, if something does go awry in your new home, it will be covered by your home warranty. Holiday Builders offers a two-year home warranty on Cornerstone collection homes, and a one-year warranty on Value and Inspire collection homes.
  6. Everything is new, including your air conditioner, water heater, and all the plumbing. That takes the worry and additional expense of an older home off the table.
  7. Most new construction homes are in new communities. Therefore new homeowners share the experience of building community making it easier to make new friends.
  8. Personalize your new home with design selections like flooring, cabinets, and countertops to suit your tastes. Holiday Builders offers design selections on most Cornerstone collection floorplans.
  9. There’s nothing better than a new home! Nothing smells better, feels better, or looks better. As new homeowners, your fingerprints are the only ones on the walls and windows, and your footsteps are the first ones through the front door. Clean, bright, new.

Owners' Suite the Seacrest Floorplan

In conclusion, new construction homes offer great value and peace of mind for homebuyers. To learn more about locations, floorplans, and pricing, visit

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