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Reasons to Buy a New Construction Home

Today’s housing market is tight. That means there are fewer than usual new homes to choose from when you’re shopping for a home. The first choice to be made is whether to buy a new construction home or a used, resale home. Here are the top seven reasons to buy a new construction home.

  1. New Home Warranty. A new home warranty will cover your home from floor to ceiling, literally. Holiday Builders offers a 2-year home warranty on all Cornerstone Collection homes, and a 1-year home warranty on Value and Inspire Collection homes. When your stove malfunctions in a resale home, you’re buying a new stove. Avoid the hassle and get the benefit of a new home warranty.
  2. Energy Efficiency. New Construction homes are tightly sealed. That means doors and windows have undergone testing. They have fresh seals and caulking. Air is not leaking out into the atmosphere. Your heat or your air conditioning stays inside, where it should be.
  3. Home design. New construction homes embrace the latest in functional floorplans. An open floorplan creates overlapping spaces. Large kitchens offer islands that function for food prep and serving, craft projects, and family discussions. The islands peer into the living space so you can enjoy your favorite TV show or movie while you’re putting a meal together.
  4. Clean, fresh, new. There’s no carpet to clean, no baked-on dirt in the oven, and no dirty grout in the bathroom tiles. You have a clean slate, a new start, and a bright new beginning.
  5. Financing options. Most resale buyers don’t throw in closing cost assistance or programs to buy down a rate. When you purchase a new construction home, you can take advantage of programs offered by the homebuilder and/or their lending partner.
  6. Tech friendly. New homes offer pre-wiring for security systems. Outlets are already in place on the floor for lighting in an open floorplan. Current wiring that meets code is always comforting versus not knowing what is behind the walls of a resale home.
  7. Lastly, insurance costs are lower on a new construction home. The difference in pricing can be striking. New homes are less risky for insurers. The new roof and new water heater in your new construction home are just the type of things an insurance company loves. Take advantage of the insurance savings and buy new.
    Photo of a kitchen in a new construction home.

There are many advantages to purchasing a new construction home over a resale or used home. Don’t discount the benefits that may be outside the home as well. Many new home communities offer outstanding amenities so you don’t have far to go for your entertainment. Plus, using community amenities is a great way to meet your neighbors. When you’re shopping for a new home, be sure to visit and see the latest in new home construction in Florida and Coastal Alabama.


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